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Cabinet heaters

/Cabinet heaters

Cabinet heaters:HP-30 45 80 130 180 250


HP 30 ,HP 45, HP 80, HP 130 HP 180 and HP 250 waste oil heaters are suitable for heating variety of buildings without the central heating. They are suited to work as direct blow heaters, which provides heat almost instantaneously and are easy to install. HP are also suited to work in ducted air distribution systems if it is necessary to heat several rooms or if the same temperature is to be maintained in all rooms in one building. The device also provides efficient ventilation.



HP 30-250 are perfect for heating big surfaces in the following sectors:

  • Industry:industry buildings, warehouses, inventory buildings
  • Automotive sector:automotive warehouses and service stations
  • Agriculture:farm buildings
  • Other:basements, garages, sport and recreation facilities, marquees, churches, etc.


Heating oil, used oil or gas depending on the burner.


Automatic waste oil burner or other depending on the client’s request.


HP 30-250 universal oil heaters constitute a universal source of pure energy. Our devices are easy to use and efficient, which was proven in tests and opinions of our clients. Safe – electronic flame control device.

Przepływ ogrzanego powietrza 3400 m³ 3400 m³ 3400 m³ 7600 m³ 15200 m³ 15200 m³
Zużycie paliwa 2,8 kg/h 4 kg/h 7 kg/h 11,8 kg/h 18,2 kg/h 20,2 kg/h
Maksymalna moc grzewcza 30 kW 45 kWb 80 kW 130 kW 180 kW 250 kW
Temperatura spalin 190°C 205°C 255°C 233°C 238°C 241°C
Pobór mocy 390 W 390 W 520 W 1850 W 3900 W 3900 W