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Waste oil heaters

/Waste oil heaters

HP-115 oraz HP-125



One of the many unique features of HP-115 and HP-125 is that the heater can produce pure heat using cheap fuel providing at the same time high thermal output. HP-115 andHP-125 are durable and failure free waste oil heaters, which was proven in tests and opinions of our clients. The device is equipped with overheating and oil overflow protection.


    • Industry: industrial buildings, warehouses, inventory buildings
    • Automotive sector:warsztaty oraz serwisy samochodowe
    • Agriculture:farm buildings
    • Others:basements, garages, etc.


Heaters run on most oils:

      • Of mineral and plant origin:(motor oils, heating oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils)
      • Or even:(used frying oils)


Minimum thermal output 15 kW 22 kW
Maximum thermal output 22 kW 30 kW
Minimum oil consumption 1,25 kg/h 1,85 kg/h
Maximum oil consumption 1,85 kg/h 2,55 kg/h
Heated air flow 600 m³ 1000 m³
Power intake 0,6 A 0,6 A